Breaking News! Fetty Wap Is Injured In Serious Motorcycle Accident! *An Update On Fetty’s Health*

Fetty Wap Crashes His Motorcycle In Patterson, NJ


Fetty Wap was in his hometown of Patterson, New Jersey today where he’s been involved in a serious motorcycle crash. Many eyewitnesses have posted photos of the 1738 singer be cared for by paramedics.

According to TMZ, Fetty couldn’t see where he was going when trying to pass another vehicle. SMH

An eye-witness tells TMZ the rapper was on his motorcycle Saturday and tried passing one vehicle, he didn’t see another coming in the opposite direction and they collided.
Paramedics rushed Fetty to a local hospital. It appears he was conscious and sitting up … but his injuries are unclear at this time.

Let’s say a prayer for Fetty’s recovery at this time. Here at the SMBC headquarters we would like to take out time in prayer for Fetty Wap may God restore you back to a healthy condition IJN


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