Former West Ham Striker Slams Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho For ‘Conspiracy Theory’ by Glen Harrington December 29th, 2014

Former West Ham United striker Dean Ashton has slammed claims made by Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, who expressed his belief that his side were being unfairly targeted after Cesc Fabregas was booked for diving in the 1-1 draw with Southampton on Sunday. Reports on Sky Sports carry quotes from the 31-year-old defending Hammers boss Sam… Read More

Own your Frustrations Allowing yourself to take out your frustrations on others is a Sign on weakness not a sign of control

Don’t take your frustrations out on others. If there are specific people causing you to be frustrated, then direct your anger toward those individuals—not everyone else. You have to learn how to take control of your emotions. Your emotions are your emotions. Don’t force everyone around you to have to deal with your problems. When… Read More